What are the rides like?

The rides are about 1-4 miles long, on multi-use paths, quiet residential streets, and streets with infrastructure like bike lanes.  The routes are designed to be safe and riding in a group makes them even safer!

We will ride at the pace of the slowest rider and will not leave anyone behind.  As this ride is geared towards young families, the pace will most likely be no faster than 8 miles per hour and may be substantially slower.  It’s a great opportunity to have a relaxed, fun ride with your family!  However, if you do need to leave for any reason – child meltdown, emergency, unexpected bathroom break – you certainly can.  Just let the ride leader know so that we don’t think that we’ve lost you.

Every ride is designed to be fun for even our smallest riders.  We will start and end in the same location, generally with parking available, although we encourage people to bike to the start.  We will stop partway through the ride at a park, store, or restaurant that’s family-friendly.  We definitely welcome more suggestions for locations to visit.

We will follow all traffic laws, including stopping at stop signs and red lights.  We will have a short safety presentation before each ride to help everyone become familiar with signaling and other best practices. We will also have all parents and guardians sign a waiver form for themselves and the kids to protect us from liability. The waiver form is available on the Rockville Bicycle Advisory Committee website if you would like to review it ahead of time.

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